Hello, I'm Phil.

I have over twelve years of ad agency experience, four years of touring cross-country in a van experience, and a few decades worth of being alive experience.

I like to make cool stuff happen.

For me this means taking a diverse group of people, figuring out how to get the best out of each of them, finding great ideas and somehow making them insanely great ideas, and then running full-speed through the obstacle course of bringing them into the world.



Each film below has a backstory of how it almost didn't get made, ranging from not having nearly enough money, boatloads of money but not enough time, missing celebrities, and a pack of wild Romanian beach dogs. In each case, we overcame the obstacles to get them made. Yes, even the one with the wild Romanian beach dogs.


As fun as it is to make films, teenagers and cool people know that all the best stuff happens on the internet. I have always had a passion for creating digital experiences that surprise people and allow them to connect with a brand in a new and interesting way.

S.Q.U.I.D. / Twitch Game

Imagine a life-size robotic squid. Now imagine that each tentacle of that robotic squid is controlled simultaneously by different people on the internet and given tasks to complete. What could possibly go wrong? We found out over the course of our three-day Old Spice live video game event on Twitch.

Sim-U-Date-Her / Livestream

On the eve of Valentine's Day, we sought to help guide young men through the complicated world of dating. Instead of giving advice, we created a dating simulator on Facebook Live where Old Spice fans could choose what happens next. Things got... weird.

CW Explorer / Mobile App

After our research showed that visitors had trouble navigating Colonial Williamsburg's 173-acre historic area, we developed a wayfinding & calendar app to make it simple for guests to find their nearest blacksmith, tavern, or founding father.


I'm a dad, beard owner, dance party enthusiast, history buff, roadtrip DJ, karaoke threat, and Eagle Scout (retired).

I've always tried to have a rich life outside of work. Lately that's meant chasing our three-year-old daughter Ruby around and cruising around Richmond in my minivan. I'm always happiest with a side project in the works, whether that's a five-year writing project documenting Richmond's Civil War history, DJing weddings, or touring in an indie rock band.

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